Full Contact Martial Team Sport.
Edged weapon target-weapon system.
Safe for all ages!

(408) 391-8231


Full Contact Martial Team Sport.
Edged weapon target-weapon system.
Safe for all ages!

(408) 391-8231

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Martial Team Sport

Modern team sports all involve moving a ball toward and into a goal. The focus is on the ball. Martial Arts and Fencing are individual contests where points are scored against the body of the opponent. Sabratact is the world's only modern martial team sport. 

Sabratact is a Battlefield Contest

Modern team sports attempt to duplicate the experience of an open-field edged weapons battle ground with the "kill zone" moving around and player contact focused on a ball. With Sabratact we have perfected a safe target-weapon system that operates very well with large groups of athletes on the field. The Delrin plastic weapons have the weight and flexible action of Fencing blades. And the targets are carried on the outside of protective leather armor. 

Sabratact Includes Everyone

Athletes young and old, large and small, skilled or not very well trained are on the same field and at the same time. Although Sabratact is a full contact sport in a very real sense, fighters stay at "weapon's length" apart in order to effectively score points. Most players carry shields that are also protective. Faces are fully covered by helmets with fencing-mask wire mesh at all times.  

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These are current generation Sabratact weapons. Swords and double-ended short lances. High tech Delrin plastic. 

Fighters squaring off

This is from 1984 as we started working with our first generation Sabratact armor and weapons.

Fighters engaging

The fighter on the left is Sue B. She got the better of Al P. insofar as she went low and inside right away.

Al and Sue replacing target surfaces

Notice the heart targets (a kill) as well as round stainless steel cups bolted into the leather armor through brass grommets.

Dragon Magazine Issue #100

August, 1985 with a forward written by Gary Gygax.

Pages 6-8

The reponse rate for this article was astoundingly high. Over 2500 A&D kids sent me a personal letter asking for more information about how to become involved in the sport.

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As we expand the number of Sabratact players and teams we will be increasing the production of helmets and armor at our Philippine design studio. And we will ship factory-direct to you, same day with such one-of-a-kind goods offered here on this site. Special orders will take longer, of course.

Some of the equipment you will need is in your local sporting goods stores right now. And we'll discuss these matters here.  


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